Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Eagle River Flow

The Eagle River is at its lowest flow levels of the year. With no precipitation over the past week flow levels have dropped rapidly. Take a look at peak flow vs present flow.

June 11, 2016

August 22, 2016

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tree Work..

This week Swingle Tree from Denver was on-site to perform some tree work around the clubhouse and on Highway 6 berm. Each year the trees are treated for insects and injected with a Yucca based water holding agent. Swingle has been performing this work for a number of years and does first class work! Take a look....

The thing about WEEDS....

Usually in early August we tend to get our second "go around" with weed germination. This year is no different, and maybe worse than normal. It's always difficult to control weeds this time of year as well, due to the amount of play the course experiences. The interesting thing about weeds is when we spray for them, they easily become more noticable. As the weed reacts to the herbicide and curls, it becomes much more noticeable than if it wasn't sprayed. Another thing about weeds is just because they are sprayed, they don't vanish immediately. It takes a while for a weed to completely die and to disappear. Here are a few photos of weeds we sprayed this week and suddenly how prominent they appear...

"Poa Pickin Time"

It's that time of year, it's "Poa Pickin Time". This time of year we like to get a head start on our Poa annua eradication program. This past spring was much wetter than normal and has caused a little more Poa invasion on the green surfaces. Due to this increased invasion, we will be "picking Poa" a little more aggressive than past years at this time. Over the next 3 weeks we will concentrate on the circumference areas of the greens. This will allow the majority of the green surface to be continue to very playable. Thanks for your understanding in helping keep our greens Poa Free!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Kevin's ON COURSE "Turf Care Tips"

Welcome to a new blog feature, Kevin's ON COURSE "Turf Care Tips". Periodically, I will be posting videos of various tips about caring for our golf course. Enjoy.....

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Bentgrass Taking over on #7 New Fairway

I received many questions this spring why we used Kentucky Bluegrass to sod the new fairway area for the renovation on #7, instead of our normal Creeping Bentgrass fairway turf. There were many reasons for that decision, the two main reasons being the availability of quality bentgrass sod and the cost, which is 3-4 times greater than KBG. We have done this in the past occasionally and I developed a technique to change that Kentucky Bluegrass to Creeping Bentgrass within a couple of years. We have used this same protocol for #7 and after only a few months we are seeing great results. See photos below.

#7 Renovation, shown with Kentucky Bluegrass Fairway Sod.

In this Photo the Dark Green Stripes are Seeder Skips, which we don't like, but it acts like a check plot and tells us how well we are doing. Also, see photo below.

We don't like skips, but it sure tells us how great the transition is occurring.

The lighter colored turf is Creeping Bentgrass, which is starting to overtake the Kentucky Bluegrass after only a couple months.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Native Grass Transitioning....

You think I would learn after all these years how fast the native grass can transition from thick nasty jungle to true playable native grass. Here are a few photos of holes which new irrigation was installed last fall and just halfway through the season, the native is transitioning very quickly. Why? In my opinion, it is all about getting the water (irrigation) out of those areas and the new irrigation design has done that! That was one of our top goals in designing the new system, NO WATER in the native. This design criteria is certainly starting to pay off, both from a playability and aesthetic standpoint. Take a look...

Typically One of our Thickest Native Areas, Right of #9, quickly Transitioning!

#17 Showing a Very Playable Berm Native.

Hard to Believe the left of #18 could Look this Good, this Quick!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Cart Path/Roadway Pruning Work...

Every year we have to "cut back" many of the trees along cart paths and roadway crossings. It seems like it happens overnight, one day no problem, the next day limbs hitting carts and views obstructed at roadways. We have been in "cut back" mode this week and many paths/road crossings are much improved. It will take us another week to finish what's needed, but it sure is looking better!

Path going to #1 Tee.

Road Crossing at #1. Hey look, you can see the cars. Much Safer!

Makes you feel good when you see a load of "pruning aftermath".

Native at #16 Tee...

Our conversion from maintained Kentucky Bluegrass rough to Fescue native at #16 tee has taken a little longer than I would like, but has finally matured nicely. This conversion area eliminated almost an acre of watered maintained turf. It also increased the aesthetic look from the teeing area. I am very pleased with the outcome. As you have noticed, we have other areas in the process of conversion. It takes a little more time than I would like, but I look forward when those areas mature as well. Take a look...

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Great Member-Guest Week....

This was the first year in a number of years that the thunderstorms stayed away. It made it nice to control the moisture on the golf course. This made for some great playing conditions. It was a great week, congratulations to our champions, Grant Faulconer and Scott Martin. Here are some scenes from the week.

The days start at 4am with lights.

The design changes on Hole #7 were well received.

The pot bunker on #11, may be my favorite change.

Evening shift work brought the great shadows out to enjoy!

We actually did put a little water on the greens.

My staff did a wonderful job under some extreme conditions all week!

We had a special visitor checking out the playing conditions.

Our visitor followed us to Fiesta's for our annual BOP breakfast.

Ending the week with our 20th Annual Fiesta's BOP Breakfast!

Breakfast Burrito's were had by all.

A fitting end to a great week.

One of the toughest weather stretches we've had in years. Looks like some possible moisture headed our way this week. Let's hope we get some. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Equipment Technician

Eric Crawford has been hired as our new equipment mechanic. Eric has been on staff for the last couple of months and is getting to know his way around the facility quickly. Eric was previously employed by Troon Golf and brings an excellent background to CCR. Welcome Eric.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Weather Update

I have been getting many questions from members on the weather conditions over the past few weeks. This being my 22nd year, I have certainly seen some dry conditions in the past. At present, we are experiencing one of the hotter stretches (3-4 weeks) that I can remember. Compounding the dryness problem has been the wind. It's not uncommon to get some wind in the afternoon at CCR, but over the past couple weeks the wind has picked up as early as 9am. Another issue has been the extreme dry air. Colorado is known for its low relative humidity, but lately the air has been much drier than normal. Generally our RH will be in the 15-20% range, lately we have been in the 7-15% range. Although very dry at the moment, the Eagle River is presently healthy. Our irrigation canal is working well and our relatively new diversion box is fantastic. So for the moment, we are hanging in there very well.

Diversion Box on the Eagle River.

Another look at the Diversion Box on the Eagle River.